Monday, April 26, 2010


Window Before:

Window After:

My original plan  included white ruffled panels for the window treatments (but I haven't added the ruffles to some old panels I got on clearance yet).  And I wanted to have something  as a window covering while our grandparents where visiting, so I was lucky my sister sent me these black and white pillow covers a few days earlier.  I just folded 4 of them up over the decorative molding that came with the blinds, and ta-da, instant no-sew window treatment.
*You can see the light blue wall color a little better in this photo under the window.


  1. LOL - Those look great! Would you like me to send some more with the same design for anything?

  2. No way. Can't even tell there are pillow cases.

  3. I found your blog through Better After. I do sew but I had trouble finding a light and airy window covering for my family room...I ended up using a Duvet cover and pillow cases! I'm with you, improvising could end up being your best idea ever :)

  4. Saw your windows on Better After and what a clever idea you put to use. I love them and have a similar window situation which may have just the cure now. Thank you :)


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