Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Entry Way Chandelier Update

Previous Light Fixture:
(This is sitting in the garage, but I had to show you so you could appreciate the after::-)
Wandering through the lighting department at Lowes while the manager is trying to get rid of their floor models is a GOOD THING!  We walked out of the store with this little pretty at over 50% off!  I was pretty stoked at the deal, because I am really over the cheap lights that the builder put in.  

Not only did we save $$ on the fixture, but instead of paying an electrician approx $150 to hang it from our 18ft ceiling, the hubster  and father-in-law rented scaffolding from HD and installed it  for only $18!  It's supposed to be $25 for 4 hours, but we rented it at 8pm, and got to use it overnight, which gave us more time, and since they open at 6am, we got to take it back at 8am the next day.  It did take a little while to hang..... like a few hours because we have 3 different switches  that connect to that fixture, so that was a major puzzle to figure out which wires went where, but I'm definitely glad to have saved the money (and that I wasn't up there on that scaffolding, since I'm afraid of heights, and cats--weird I know!)
The chain is a little short, since it was the floor model, but it looks good from the street, and I didn't want to be looking down on the light bulbs when I was on my second floor, and so there it is.  Goodbye Ugly Cheap Fixture, hello Classy Lassie!


  1. That chandelier looks fabulous! You gave it a completely different look. Amazing!!!

  2. Its awesome, but what happens when you need to change a light bulb?


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