Monday, May 24, 2010

Quick Chair Cover

I got 6 of these old chairs from the Radisson hotel from the Schriners club. (You know, the old guys that wear red hats in parades and drive the mini-cars in them, and Schriners Hospital?). They were $8 a piece, and since they were used commercially, they are very well-made.  We were living in good ol' Wyoming at the time, (6 years ago)  and these were our current dining chairs::
That's right, cheapo outdoor  plastic chairs from Lowes!  Haha, nothing like roughin' it when you're first married.  
My original plan was to reupholster and paint them. But, I found this toile fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby, and decided to slipcover them instead.  The seat came off and I used it as a pattern, and then pinned pieces all together to mark where to sew, and hence, the toile chair covers were born.  I love quick fixes like slipcovers that really change up the look of your chairs, and they go right in the wash.


  1. Pretty impressive. I changed the fabric on some handme down chairs once, it's a lot of work. I like the slip cover idea. Hmmm.. We are in need of a new table-- since I broke mine. maybe I can get some second hand ones and use this idea. Ps. I first thought you made over the chandiler. Wow-- still I'm impressed with the bargin shopper skills that you have.


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