Thursday, May 13, 2010

Strip Skirt

s**This is a repost from 2009, there may be a few repeats as I try to get all my craft/decorating posts together on this one blog.

There's nothing like giving up an old hobby to master a new one. Well, maybe not so much master as tinker around with one. After my bunny fiasco I had  foregone gardening for the rest of the year (although I have pondered planting daffodil bulbs since they were the only thing that didn't get eaten) and turned on my sewing machine. I ordered some cute Amy Butler fabric on etsy, and got this Pink Fig girls stripwork skirt pattern and went to work. I wish I would have timed the project, but I'd probably say somewhere around 5 hours, since I had finished all the edges (so it wasn't "scratchy" and my daughter might actually wear it) and I'm a pretty slow, novice sewer. It actually turned out really cute (and she was happy to wear it to church- success!)
I've also gotten addicted to many cute crafty blogs, and have been inspired. Hopefully I'll have more projects to post soon.

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